Urgent – Buyer needed

Following the collapse of a bid to buy the Hall and continue it as an outdoor pursuits centre Leicestershire County Council intend to put the Hall up for auction. Who knows what it will end up as if sold by auction. Is there any one out there who would be interested in purchasing the Hall and keeping it as an Outdoor Pursuits Centre?

The Friends of Aberglaslyn are a group of like-minded individuals who joined together in 2004 to work for the future of Aberglaslyn Hall.

  • The Hall has provided exceptional Outdoor Education for 50 years
  • The Friends had hoped to lease the Hall  from Leicestershire County Council (LCC) through a charitable trust but our proposals have been rejected
  • LCC has decided to close the Hall with effect from 31st August 2013 and plans to sell it by tender on the open market
  • We  took advice on the possibility of raising funds to purchase the Hall prior to sale on the open market and  run it through a Charitable Trust on a not-for-profit basis but LCC felt committed to sell it only on a ‘best value’ basis
  • Currently we are prepared to offer our support and background knowledge to any potential purchaser with an education purpose in the hope that, even indirectly, the Hall will remain available to Leicestershire schools in the future.
  • Sincere thanks to the 654 respondents who signed our recent petition. If you wish to read their many interesting perspectives please click on the red button titled ‘sign  petition’ and follow the link to ‘signatures’.
  • If you would like to join ‘The Friends’ please go to the ‘CONTACT’ page on this web site

26 thoughts on “Urgent – Buyer needed

  1. At 33 years old, I still to this day talk about my school trip to Aberglaslyn. I can honestly say it was one of the most memorable experiences I had as a child growing up, and it is something I want my 3 children to experience too. I hope it stays open to allow todays and future generations to have the same experience and opportunities as I did.

  2. My late father, Leicestershire Assistant Director Ronald Swann, was responsible for the discovering and securing of Aberglaslyn Hall for the children of Leicestershire. I was with him at the time and remember fighting through the dense rhododendra to look around. The selling of the hall, is to completely miss the point of what its strengths actually are and is a classic example of the result of knowing the price of everything but the value of nothing. What is clear, is that those who have made this erroneous and naive decision clearly were not privileged enough to have benefited from the wonderful opportunities that Aberglaslyn offered. My wise and forward thinking father would be rolling in his grave! It was exactly the sort of pen pushing decision that he spent his career fighting against.

    • Hi Ian, Widehorizons Charity is carrying out a feasibility survey to see if we can re-open the site. It would be great if you could help us out and circulate the survey –


      Widehorizons currently operates seven ex-local authority sites for young people, and hopefully we will be able to help Aberglaslyn Hall also.

      Many Thanks.

  3. Whillst it’s appears Leicestershire are selling Aber hall, this is such a shame as we have so many fond memories of this community. We live in N.Irelnd and visit annually to see family and provide our young kids with experiences they would never have been prevailedged to have. Does the short term financial gain out way the long term gain? The long term gain here is about wealth of relationships, family & friendships! Mx

  4. It is outrageous to think there is a possibility that Aberglaslyn Hall will shortly no longer be available for Leicestershire children and young people. Without a doubt, tens of thousands have had life-changing experiences by engaging in the activities provided at the Hall during the last 50 years, not to mention the support and enthusiasm shown by staff and parents alike. It will be yet another predictably short-sighted decision if this sale goes ahead. Our father Ronald Swann, when Senior Assistant Director of Education for Leicestershire, discovered and helped set up Aberglaslyn Hall, at a time, not so different from the present day, when the financial hurdles were considerable. Yet, he and the LCC still managed to make the vision into reality. As with all great enterprises, once lost it will never be retrieved.

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  6. Have been visiting aberglaslyn for years from newly qualified teacher to retired teacher and have wonderful memories of time spent there. Such a brilliant resource needs to be saved for future used.

  7. Hi. I saw the item on the news and was impressed by the enthusiasm and dedication of the group fighting to save such a worthwhile venture. John (Mark) paid many visitis to the Hall, fought constantly to save the jobs of the staff who worked there and therefore the Hall itself. It meant many visits there, sometimes with our children who loved the facilities there. It will be such a waste if the Hall is sold. So much more than a building will be lost. I agree that it should be given to a group who really care about it and will carry in its good work.

  8. Son really enjoyed the residential experience last year – it would be a shame for other pupils not to have the same opportunity in the future – Good luck.

  9. Hi, the decision by Leicestershire CC smacks of nepotism and backhanders – which developer benefits from this decision and who are they friends with? Find the money and you usually find the reason. If LCC mismanaged money in the boom years and now need to make cuts they at least have a responsibility to allow others to maintain services that they are too inept to manage. It is typical that they sell assets that actually benefit the children and society while protecting their own pen pushing job, pension and expenses….and they have the nerve to charge us more for less. There isn’t much on facebook about this – couldn’t you have a link – word gets round much faster.

  10. This is a great facilities for the school children of Leicestershire, it’s a real shame LCC are selling it. Good luck to all at the Hall – a great bunch of people.

  11. OK i`ve never been to aberglaslynhall. My school always go there every year and I would like to have a chance to go. So I wouldn’t want aberglaslynhall to shut.thank

  12. Really shocked to hear that Aberglaslyn Hall is closing – great memories of a school week there in the late 1980s. Young people should not be denied the great experiences outdoor education can give them.

  13. i went this weekend just gone and i think it should stay open i had one of the best times of my life there

  14. I find it deplorable that LCC are looking to sell Aberglaslyn Hall – I had the good fortune to visit in the early 1990′s on a residential with St. Martins RC High School and regard it as one of the high points of my school years.

    LCC should be ashamed, such money-grubbing scarcely does them credit.

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